.Domena Corp

.Domena Corp

Domena is one of the brands distributed by Electropem, a company belonging to the Alsatian group COGIA, an expert in small electrical appliances

Founded 20 years ago, Domena is a French brand specializing in ironing and steam cleaning. Domena is a pioneer in the supply of unlimited steam products, a leader in the speed of start-up of products and inventor of the "eco" key to reduce water and electricity consumption, is constantly seeking innovation.

Thanks to its Capt Protect System, Domena is the one and the only brand to guarantee its products 10 years against all risks of scaling! The system of capturing limestone by cassettes allows each of our products to retain performances that last in time.

Our motto: create and offer our customers functional, efficient, durable and repairable products! At the time of the relocations, we commit ourselves for the French manufacturer.

Its production site is based in Altkirch in Alsace. Domena has always been a forerunner in inventing, for example, the first steam generator with unlimited range. This innovation has caused a real revolution in the world of ironing.The first steam plant sold by Domena, the FG 2000 model, has sold more than 100,000 units. Domena has been recognized several times by the Janus of Industry and the Observateur of Design for the ergonomics and the elegant design of its products. For more than 20 years, Domena's design department has constantly innovated to provide consumers with high-performance, functional, durable and repairable products!